About Us

We are a medium size manufacturing company located in the South. Our skills have allowed us to create product integrating several technologies. We have been producing consumer products for 32 years and have sold the big box boys down to the little guys, and across different industries and its been fun. But we never realized what a joy we were missing until we migrated into supplying “need products”. I guess it just comes with the territory of being from a small town in East Tennessee and knowing you make and sell items that are shipped around the world that are truly appreciated by those having health issues. We produce good safe product that fills the needs of folks that need assistance. Our products are well made and have excellent value. Our employees know we are making something which is going to make someone’s life a little more enjoyable; and they like that.

Our standard walk-in tub risers provide safety and comfort and are designed to allow the utilization  of the features for which the tub was intended. Being the manufacturer, we produce standard and custom walk-in tub risers every day to meet the special needs requested. Materials used have been time tested and are at home in the bath environment. These materials will not support mildew growth and the product is easily removed to be sanitized when the need arises.

Our pillows, or headrest, are additional safety and comfort items in the walk-in tub accessory category which are produced under patented or patent pending status. They display a uniqueness of design and simplicity appreciated by all.

Our venture into e-commerce is exciting and we look forward to letting folks know they can rely on us. Contact us if we may be of assistance with your purchase decision.